Finish Here

Campaign for the University of West Florida's Emerald Coast Campuses

This was an exciting project of which to be a part. In the past, I’d worked on a few pieces for the client, but none that would allow for the level of exposure that this project was sure to bring. I was commissioned by the University of West Florida to capture images for their upcoming campaign, “Finish Here,” which aimed to bring more recognition to the university’s Emerald Coast campuses.

I had the opportunity to work with the creative director of the campaign (and my mentor), Susan Shaw, who had an extremely clear vision of what she wanted the message to be and the visuals needed to convey¬†that message. We’d worked together in the past and I knew that our collaboration would be a positive and productive one. Shaw was¬†confident in my skills as a photographer and graphic designer and allowed me creative license with the art direction of the campaign. The finished campaign included a tv commercial, billboards, newspaper ads, post cards, and banners.

Project Details

CLIENT : University of West Florida

DATE : 05/29/2014


WEBSITE : http://uwf.edu/offices/emerald-coast/